How Physiotherapy Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Stroke



Currently, in Ontario, stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability

Strokes are primarily caused by a blockage that inhibits or prevents blood from flowing to the brain. Modifiable risk factors for stroke:

  • physical inactivity

  • obesity

  • stress

  • high blood pressure/cholesterol levels

  • smoking

Exercise can help reduce stroke risk:

  • it improves cholesterol profile by increasing "good cholesterol" levels

  • it helps to maintain a healthy weight

  • it reduces stress and depression, which sequentially reduces the risk of stroke

  • it keeps your blood vessels healthy and fights high blood pressure

Stroke prevention:

  • Get up and move... even moderate activity such as walking helps reduce your risk

  • reduce or quit smoking

  • take steps to control your blood pressure; eat a healthy diet and have your blood pressure checked regularly

  • maintain a healthy weight to reduce your risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

  • decrease stress, since elevated levels contribute to increases in blood pressure and cholesterol

Absolute Rehab can help by providing:

  • therapeutic exercise programs to reduce bad cholesterol levels and high blood pressure

  • formal exercise programs to improve your balance, strength, flexibility and endurance

  • consultations regarding nutrition and smoking cessation

  • massage therapy and Pilates to allow your body to relax and help relieve your stress


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