Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Eat Better

Try to eat organically grown foods as they reportedly have 2-5x more nutrients and it will decrease exposure to pesticides. Compose meals of approximately 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% healthy fats. Try not to eat any one food more than five times a week.

For the time being, AVOID the following foods:

  • pork

  • animal milks

  • ice cream / yogurt

  • animal cheeses

  • citrus

  • commercial eggs (free-run is okay)

  • wheat products (bread, bagels, crackers, white flour)

  • alcohol

  • dried fruit - preserved with sulfates

  • fried foods (french fries, battered fish)

  • peanuts

  • tomatoes

  • potatoes - red or white

  • processed food (chips, hot dogs, frozen dinners)

  • caffeinated drinks (tea/coffee/cola)

  • corn and corn products

  • all fruit juice

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